Workplace Solutions can provide the following on-site assistance to your organization:

Risk Audit
A comprehensive audit of your organizationís risk status will be conducted, identifying vulnerabilities and recommending practical corrective measures.

Policy Development Advice
Based on the risk audit, your organization will be helped to formulate and draft clear policies for reducing risk and eliminating under-reporting of threats.

Impartial Investigations
Experts in health, safety, legal issues, and conflict resolution will conduct fair, objective investigations that respect due process principles in cases of claimed threats, bullying, discrimination and other issues. The result will be credible, widely-accepted conclusions and recommendations.

Acute Crisis Intervention
In critical situations, qualified interveners will be designated to help relieve tension and pressures that could become volatile.

Resolution of Internal Disputes
Mediators and facilitators will resolve disputes, including collective bargaining issues and inter-personal or inter-group conflict that might heighten risk if left to fester.

Support for Crisis Response Teams
In-house crisis response teams will be coached, mentored and evaluated periodically, ensuring their readiness to perform in actual emergencies.



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